COVID-19 To Do Checklist

11 things you can do for your business.

Virtual services get proven results that increase your bottom line!

Do you have outstanding claims over 30, 60 or 90 days?

Is your front office team inundated with piles of insurance EOB’s and claims that need to be addressed but there simply is not enough hours in the day to get it all done?

If you answered yes to either of these questions Clayton Consulting Services can alleviate the load of chasing outstanding insurance claims and resolve all of the outstanding insurance EOB’s piled up on the desk of your front office team. You benefit from allowing your team members to focus on caring for your patients. Plus, your cash flow will increase and you will not have to hire another team member to handle it. This service is done virtually and with no interruption to you or your team.

Need even more help?

Whether hiring a new team member, working overdue recall, or researching insurance non-payment, Clayton Consulting’s virtual services has got you covered.

Virtual Services Include:

  • Insurance benefits & claims management from THE Dental Services Specialist
  • Accounts Receivables Management
  • Billing
  • Patient Reactivation
  • Hiring

Our comprehensive management services help ensure you are running the most profitable, productive and fulfilling dental practice.

A complete and thorough overview and assessment of every area of your dental practice. This practice exam and analysis will provide you and your team with valuable insight into your daily operations and the possibilities for your practice’s future.

We help implement strategies and systems that will increase your internal patient referrals as well as assist you in attracting more external patients to your practice.

Patient Engagement and Satisfaction: We help create and manage internal dental systems for your practice. With our assistance you can leverage the most up to date systems to increase the efficiency in your dental practice. Let’s work smarter not harder together!

Are your patients recommending their family, friends, colleagues to your practice?

Providing an exceptional patient experience is key to help grow your practice. A satisfied and engaged patient will be an advocate for your practice, bringing you more new patients! We can help you and your team understand how to effectively communicate with your patients to ensure they are engaged and are receiving the satisfaction they deserve.

We can help motivate and train your existing team members or help your practice find the right new team members. We can also help you determine if your existing team members are in the right position in the practice. Having the right team members in the right position is another key component in the growth of your practice.

Clayton Consulting Services can help you assess and select the right person for your team. We place ads, review all applications, conduct interviews and have the expertise to test for knowledge, skills, and behavior appropriate to the position and practice. We evaluate potential team members using the DiSC Classic 2.0 profile for behavioral screening, to gauge work ethic and teamwork. We can even perform background checks at the doctor’s request.

We can help you determine if your production numbers are stagnant or dropping. We will help you identify areas where you can increase your production through attracting new patients as well as maximizing your current patient production.

Do you feel you or your team members are busy all of the time, yet your production numbers do not reflect the same?

It may be that you are in fact busy, however you and your team are not productive!
Strengthening your clinical teams efficiency is a key component in running an efficient and productive practice.
Benefits to a stronger clinical team include:

  • increase in office production
  • increase in patient referrals
  • increase in teamwork
  • increase in patient retention
  • increase in team morale