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What our clients have to say...

We have had the pleasure of working with Angela for the last two years. Two of our main goals in hiring her as a consultant were to establish front desk systems and responsibilities as well as clinical efficiency for assistants and hygienists. With her experience and professional manner, Angela has far exceeded our expectations and decreased the level of stress in our office considerably.

Bill Williams DMD & Kari Williams DMD – Asheville, NC

Every office needs an Angela. I’m a practicing dental hygienist of 35 years. Not only did she improve our office, she helped me personally by giving me good insights into myself. I highly recommend her services.

Amy, Hygienist – Ormond Beach, FL

Ms. Clayton has been helping us for over three years.  She has been a significant contributor to the success of our practice.  We find her very knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always ready with excellent practical solutions to many issues we face in private practice.  We would highly recommend Angela to help practices grow and become more profitable and efficient.

Matt McLellan, DMD – Seaside Children’s Dentistry

Angela is very kind and organized, she gets the team motivated and involved. I know our office enjoyed our meetings and looked forward to what came next. She really goes above and beyond to help. Of course, highly recommended to motivate and improve a team no matter what level – whether a new office and team, or ones who are well established.

Heather Donnette Henderson – Dental Professional

Angela Clayton’s expertise and efficiency is top notch. She has helped our office tremendously by getting our accounts receivable under control and managing overdue insurance claims. She keeps us between 99% and 100% on collections.

Amy T. Moubry, DDS

I had been trying to hire a full-time hygienist for months, but had no success. I hired Angela, and within two weeks she found a strong candidate for me that I have hired. Angela is bright, hardworking, and understands all aspects of a dental team. She is very capable and professional, and I would seek her services any time again. Thanks Angela!

Dr. Martha Smyth – Ormond Beach, FL

Our staff now take a lot of pride in their work and the patients see this daily. Also, with Angela’s organizational skills, we have restructured our daily scheduling and seen a consistent 10% increase in production each year!!

Bill Williams DMD & Kari Williams DMD – Asheville, NC

Angela helps us by verifying insurance for all of our new patients ahead of time remotely through her virtual assistant services. It is truly amazing! I really feel like every practice would benefit. Even when you think you have it all under control, you probably do not. Angela is there to help and get everything organized and give you the systems to keep it that way. I can’t run my practice without her.

Amy T. Moubry, DDS

I have had the experience of Angela’s service. She is supreme in her knowledge, professionalism and knows how to take it to the next level. She has always been there to help with problem solving whether it’s business or personal related to business. Thank you, Angela, for your time and energy and most of all your gentile, caring support. Best wishes.

Heather Donnette Henderson – Dental Professional

Let Clayton Consulting Services outline the top-level challenges your practice faces and show you how to achieve positive change strategically. Together we can implement a chosen course of action that garners positive results!

Helping You Build a Better Dental Practice

Clayton Consulting Services focuses on the five critical modules for building a better dental practice – providing a complete practice analysis, team training and teaching, along with much more. With more than 20 years’ experience in the dental industry, Angela Clayton can provide you and your team with:

  • Increased Patient Referrals
  • Efficient, Effective, Productive Scheduling
  • Increased Treatment Acceptance
  • Effective Management of that BEAST We Call Insurance
  • Effective Accounts Receivable Systems

Dental Consulting & Coaching:

  • On-site & Virtual
  • Speaking: Presentations & Seminars
  • Teamwork & Staff Management Motivational Programs
  • Implementing Systems to Effectively Manage All Aspects of Dental Insurance
  • DiSC Team Profiles